The Boss does Future Forms!

It just doesn’t get much better than Bruce Springsteen…and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise…Well, I’ll have some words with them…strong words.

I love this lesson, it’s nothing flash or fantastic but it really really works. It helps students to come to grips with the FUTURE in English. It really is a tricky area to get your head around and they need a lot of practice. This lesson not only has practice but gets them thinking about some all important questions:

  • Why did you choose this future form over that one?
  • Could you use another one?
  • Would it have the same meaning?
  • What information does the speaker wish to convey?

I very often do this lesson a week or so after we’ve tackled future forms or perhaps for higher level groups who should probably know it already but just need a reminder.

It also works well in conjunction with this short lesson I put up before. It’s a quick and easy lesson designed to encourage them to think about what information these different forms can convey.

  • Level: Intermediate and above
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Objective: Revise future forms / encourage sts to think about the information each form convey.
  • Sub aim: Raise awareness of features of natural speech.
  • Procedure: see the materials below. It is quite a long one so I thought I’d make it printable outable (is that a thing? is now!)



  1. The Boss Part 1 + 2
  2. The Boss Procedure
  3. The Boss teachers’ notes
  4. The Boss: Audio – 



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