Come one, come all!

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for EFL lessons mining texts, both written and spoken, for all they’re worth. The cornerstones of a textploitation lesson are:

  1. A single text can be used for an entire lesson.
  2. This text can be used to teach both skills and systems.
  3. Through explicit discussion with our learners, we can help to develop their autonomy
  4. We take a little and often approach to these discussions

Over the past few years, we have taken some of our favourite lessons and put them up along with worksheets and procedures for all to use. There are now over 100 lessons for you to try out.

We’ve also got a section on CPD. This includes slides from various workshops we’ve run at conferences, including IATEFL, English UK and ELT Ireland. In this section you can also find blog posts with suggestions on exploiting your own texts and general teaching tips.

As well as the blog, there are now two books available from the lovely DELTA Publishing people. The first is called Textploitation: mining texts for all they are worth and is available here.

And the second is called Overt Teaching and is available here.

And, you can also look here to find our brand new (as of January 2022) student-facing website with oodles of reading texts with guided textploitation tasks.

Anyway, have a look, take lessons, edit them, adapt them, try them out and if you like them, let us know.


Mark & David

david and mark

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