Reading and tense discovery: “I caught a falling baby”.

So, the inspiration for this came yesterday at the Pearson Amazing Minds day in London. Ken Beatty mentioned this story and as he put up one of the direct quotations, I found myself just looking at the past tenses thinking, “ooooh, lesson”. I really am that dull. The lesson itself is fairly standard textploitation. We … Continue reading Reading and tense discovery: “I caught a falling baby”.

Murder Mystery Part 3 & 4

So, this is the follow up to the lesson: It has quite a bit of listening, they are included here, but feel free to rerecord them using colleagues. They are not my finest. Aim: to practice modals of deduction / create opportunities for using them in speaking. Reading and listening practice and vocab building. Level: Pre-Int … Continue reading Murder Mystery Part 3 & 4

Is the English Language sexist?

So this lesson uses a fantastic newspaper article from the Guardian. It was one of those things I read and knew I had to make a lesson about. The lesson focuses on collocation, vocab building and reading skills if you fancy going down that route, as ever, you are welcome to pick and choose … Continue reading Is the English Language sexist?